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Download Pre-AAS Eligibility Criteria

Download Pre-AAS Eligibility Criteria (LAO)

The Pre-AAS program is specifically designed to build capacity and increase opportunities for Lao Government officials to be selected for an Australia Awards Scholarship by providing Academic English training and preparation for the Screening Test and Interview.

During the Pre-AAS program participants will apply for an Australia Awards Scholarship and therefore must be eligible to apply for AAS in 2014. Please read the eligibility criteria carefully.

Once selected, participants are required to undertake an intensive 20 week course of study. Classes are held from 8.15am to 4.45pm, 5 days a week and students are expected to have excellent attendance, participate actively, complete regular homework and read extensively out of class.

Candidates are expected to attend Vientiane College full-time during the two-term program.

The Pre-AAS Program will commence in January 2014 and conclude June 2014.

Applications for Pre-AAS close at 4.00pm on 4 October 2013. Late applications will NOT be considered.

The list of eligible applicants will be posted at Vientiane College and on the website on 14 October 2013.
The Pre-AAS ELPR test for eligible candidates will be held at Vientiane College on 21 October 2013.